Salisbury Road Primary School

Mercury Construction has built a modern new timber-framed double classroom at Salisbury Road Primary School.

Brief description

The goal of this project was to replace the existing Faith Centre, which was in a poor condition, with a modern new timber-framed double classroom that could be used for a variety of purposes, including teaching and serving as a multi-faith facility for the local community.

Due to the site location, a comprehensive Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) survey was required. The existing roof structure contained asbestos, which needed to be safely removed and disposed of before the building could be demolished. The site conditions had varying ground levels, which required careful planning to ensure safe construction access and to carefully preserve the North façade during the safe demolition.

We overcame site logistical challenges operating in a live educational campus environment, ensuring there was an approved Traffic Management Plan in place and working closely with the Council to obtain the necessary permit approvals.

Our skilled and certified management team, as well as approved supply chain partners, worked to construct the new building.

Emphasis on health and safety was paramount, as was understanding the client needs, with clear communication to provide a vision of the works and any potential noise, vibration, and dust concerns.

We were delighted to receive positive feedback from the Client “Everyone is over the moon with the build and quality.”