Fire Precaution

We are BM TRADA Q-Mark certified Installers. This ensures your fire doors are installed correctly and will perform as intended. We work closely with industry standards to make sure you’re fully protected in the event of a fire. Minimising risk and increasing your safety is an integral part to what we do.

Third-party Certification Benefits

  • Ensures that products are fit for their intended purpose
  • Consistent quality installation at all times
  • Independent verification of our quality by BM Trada
  • Mitigates the risk of future product failure
  • Ensures that fire safety solutions are safe

What Mercury Construction aim to achieve?

  • Raise the standard of installation of fire doors & stopping
  • Provide peace of mind that our Installers are suitably qualified and that their work is continually assessed by an independent body
  • Ensure that service life is maximised through correct installation
  • Ensure that fire resistance capabilities are maintained
  • Providing clients with the means to demonstrate that the  installation meets the required standard

What We Do

Our Fire precaution service covers all the essential passive fire sectors. This includes a Fire Stopping Installation Scheme; Fire Door Installation Scheme and our Fire Door Maintenance Scheme. 

Our Fire Stopping Scheme

Where services such as water, gas, electrics or communications penetrate fire resistant compartment lines, it is vitally important that the aperture is appropriately sealed with a suitable fire stopping solution. Mercury Construction’s certified installers ensure that the right fire stopping solutions are being selected and installed, in accordance with the test evidence.

Fire Door Installation

Demonstrating competence in the installation of fire doors. There is a legal requirement for manufacturers of fire doors to demonstrate the ability of their products to resist the passage and spread of fire. However, if they are not properly installed, their fire resistance capabilities can be seriously compromised. Mercury Construction’s trained Q-Mark Fire Door installers will provide reassurance to specifiers, contractors and end users that the product they have chosen has been installed correctly and that it will perform as intended. Regular audits by BM Trada ensure further peace of mind.

Maintenance Scheme

A doorset’s fire resistance capabilities can be seriously compromised if it is not maintained by an individual who has appropriate knowledge of this complex life saving product. Mercury Construction’s​ Q-Mark certified Fire Door Maintainers provide reassurance and are suitably qualified to carry out the maintenance work to a standard that will allow the product to continue to perform as intended.

Our Work

We have confidence within our work and this is underlined throughout our projects. Mercury Construction guarantees our customers that they will receive an innovative approach and deliver them the best results for their business. If you would like to see some of our recent work, click below