Electron Microscopy Centre

Comprehensive refurbishment of existing facilities to accommodate the relocated Electron Microscopy Centre, including extensive structural and M&E works across multiple levels.

Brief description

Mercury Construction were appointed to refurbish the existing facilities at 9 Research Way, Plymouth Science Park, to house the relocated Electron Microscopy Centre. This complex project involved a wide range of activities, from isolations and demolitions to detailed structural and M&E works, ensuring the centre met the high standards required for electron microscopy research. Works included: –

Isolations and Strip Out: Isolated and stripped out existing utilities and services to prepare the site for refurbishment. Conducted careful demolitions while preserving critical structural elements.

Concrete Pads and Steel Works: Installed new concrete pads and steel frameworks to support the new equipment and structural modifications. Ensured precision in construction to accommodate sensitive electron microscopy instruments.

M&E Installations: Overhauled mechanical and electrical systems across Levels 0 – 4, including new installations and upgrades. Implemented advanced M&E systems to support the specific environmental requirements of the Electron Microscopy Centre.

Internal Fit-Out: Constructed new ceilings, data cabling, partitions, board/drylines, and whiterock panels. Installed fire doors, completed all necessary decorations, and laid new flooring. Developed soft and hard preparation rooms, ensuring compliance with research standards.

Laboratory Installations: Fitted custom cabinets and worktops tailored to the laboratory’s needs. Installed whiterock cladding in key areas to ensure a sterile and easy-to-clean environment.

External Works: Installed external louvres, flues, and gas storage slabs to support the centre’s operational needs. Ensured all external modifications were in compliance with planning and safety regulations.

The project addressed the complex technical requirements of the electron microscopy equipment through precise engineering and construction. We collaborated closely with the Client to meet the specifications. The newly refurbished centre now offers a cutting-edge environment for researchers, significantly enhancing Plymouth Science Park’s capabilities.