Mortuary Refurbishment

Extension of the existing mortuary, including internal adaptations for new body fridges and post-mortem tables, and replacement of the air handling unit at roof level.

Brief description

Mercury Construction were appointed to extend and refurbish the mortuary at North Devon District Hospital. The project involved expanding the existing space, installing new body fridges and post-mortem tables, and replacing the existing air handling unit on the roof. The work was completed while ensuring the mortuary remained operational, adhering to strict regulations and standards.

We had to overcome a number of challenges. The existing mortuary had limited space, requiring careful planning and innovative design to integrate new body fridges and post-mortem tables without compromising circulation space. Ensuring the mortuary remained functional throughout the refurbishment was crucial to minimise disruption to hospital operations and maintain the dignity of deceased individuals.

Despite the challenges of limited space and the need to maintain operations, the project was completed successfully, enhancing the functionality and capacity of the mortuary. Mercury Construction’s commitment to planning, compliance, and collaboration with specialist suppliers ensured the project met all requirements and was delivered on time.