A Royal Visit

Mercury Construction were lucky enough to get a royal stamp of approval for their work at Brunel Academy. This visit officially opened new developments to the school in the form of a new multi-surface ground and entrance to the academy. These works started in October 2018 and provided additional access routes to the academy, additional car park spaces for the staff and a large 3G games area. This development will help increase opportunities for young people, whilst providing easy access to the school for teachers and pupils.

The Brunel Academy provides alternative education for 11 to 16-year olds. The development of these sporting areas helps improve the education and health of the students and Mercury Construction has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this process. The Academy aims at providing a safe place for students to achieve GCSE and vocational qualifications, and through fantastic teaching and dynamic courses, the pupils can thrive in an open environment. The multi-surface pitch opens a new way for students to expand their skills in teamwork, leadership and management. Her Royal Highness watched the first game of football played on the new pitch and was delighted at the school’s new sports facilities.

Mercury Construction were able to meet with her Royal Highness personally and discussed the impact of these new expansions. Mercury Construction is continually developing its services within the educational sector and is the main provider of specialist systems used within schools and universities.

Mercury Construction would like to say a special thank you to everyone at Brunel Academy for inviting the team to the opening, and Her Royal Highness for attending the opening of this exciting project.