Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Mercury Construction to promote the use of goods, materials and machinery that reduce pollution and assist in the solving of conservation problems.

In conjunction with the Mercury Construction Health and Safety Policy all current legislation will be adhered to, including the recent COSHH, noise and lead regulations. All our staff are to exercise a personal responsibility for implementing this policy.

Mercury Construction generally is not always in a situation where it can specify the materials used during construction and or manufacturing process, however the specifier’s attention should be drawn to any item of work which seriously affects the Mercury Construction Policy.

Under our Environmental Policy Mercury Construction will continue to recognise and exercise its responsibility to:-

  • Solve its own environmental and conservation problems.
  • Prevent pollution at sources wherever and whenever possible.
  • Conserve natural resources through the use of reclamation and other appropriate methods
  • Assure that its facilities meet and sustain the legislation and regulations that are in force.
  • Assist, whenever possible, governmental agencies and other official organisations engaged on environmental activities.
  • Encourage and support employee initiatives that contribute to an improved environment.
  • Promote and carry out Re-cycling and Re-use of materials whenever possible.

Equipment, safe systems of work, information, training and supervision will be provided to meet this policy statement.